Who are our Associates?

The Associates of The Society of the Sisters of Bethany are a body of close friends, both women and men, who unite their life in prayer to that of the community and who are accepted as members of an extended community family. They live in their homes and accept a simple rule of life which is the expression of a shared concern to love and serve God and one another after the example of Mary, Martha & Lazarus. Many find strength and support in such a relationship with the Community. We value greatly the sympathy and prayers of those with whom we are so closely united.

As a Community we carry a particular burden of prayer in our hearts – the unity of the Church. We are proud that our Associates are from various denominations. Together with Our Lord we pray that, one day, all might be one.

Associates’ Days

These give the Sisters and Associates a chance to meet up and share news with both old and new friends. We share in our worship too in the Eucharist & Vespers. Ideas for the future are aired – all of this fuelled by plenty of good food!

Prayer Books

We share in daily and intercessory prayer. Each Associate is supplied with two prayer books:

  • Pray Together – a daily prayer cycle naming all Anglican Religious Communities worldwide, the Sisters of Bethany, their Associates and other linked communities, especially our brethren at Alton Abbey.
  • Associates’ Office Book – a simple Office with prayers to punctuate the day.

Associates’  Retreat

Silence and prayer help us learn more about ourselves and God. We hold an Associates’ Retreat annually, normally at Alton Abbey, a Benedictine community of monks. Associates also have the chance to join the Sisters on retreat at the convent.

Craft Days

Craft Days not only encourage Associates to learn new skills, they are great fun too!

Associates’ Magazine

Our magazine keeps Associates informed of Community news, reports, spiritual anecdotes and forthcoming events.