Sisters of Bethany, group photo, 2007
Standing L-R: Sr Mary Joy, Sr Ann Patricia, Mother Rita-Elizabeth
Seated L-R: Sr Constance Mary (RIP 2010), Sr Gwenyth, Sr Florence May (RIP), Sr Katherine Maryel (RIP)
Floor L-R: Sr Joanna Elizabeth, Sr Elizabeth Pio (now professed)
Inset: Sr Ruth Etheldreda
There is no ‘typical’ Sister of Bethany. We come from varied backgrounds, joined at different ages, with very different experiences of life and Church before finding our calling here. The youngest Sister is in her forties and the oldest her nineties. There isn’t a ‘mould’ that Sisters fit into; each brings her own skills and gifts. Such talent may find a use within community life or else laid aside but, as often happens, new skills or talents can be discovered. We are individuals, but also a close family of Sisters within the wider family of other Religious, Church, Christianity and humanity.

There are currently seven professed Sisters in the Society.

  • Revd Mother Rita-Elizabeth – Mother Superior & Novice Guardian
  • Sister Mary Joy – Assistant Superior
  • Sister Ann Patricia
  • Sister Elizabeth Pio – Oblate Sister
  • Sister Gwenyth
  • Sister Joanna Elizabeth
  • Sister Ruth Etheldreda
  • Sister Mary Paul (Novice)