Oblates are men and women of any Christian denomination who feel called to deepen their relationship with God by embracing the heart of our Rule, living it out in their own circumstances.

Our Rule is influenced by St Francis de Sales who was a kind and gentle Bishop of the 16th Century. Although of a privileged background he was a true man of the people. His Diocese became famous for being well organised and for enthusiastic and learned priests and congregations. One of his mottos was ‘He who preaches with love, preaches effectively’. Our Rule reflects his love, gentleness, patience and goodness.

Trying to embrace our Rule isn’t easy.  As Sisters we try to live it every day. Trying to embrace it in your own home, in the office or shopping in your supermarket could be even more challenging … but not impossible. God is in the every day and with Him all is possible.

Aspiring Oblates first enter a period of discernment, a Novitiate, lasting at least 1 year.  They then have the opportunity to spend extended times within the convent, time with the Sisters in retreat, on Sisters’ Quiet Days and days of their own dedicated to Oblates.

If you’re interested in knowing more then please contact the Oblate Sister