2017 Quiet Days

The following Open Quiet Days will take place at the House of Bethany during 2017, each one on a Saturday from 10am to 4pm. Please bring a packed lunch, though soup and hot drinks will be provided. The cost for the day is £6. Please let the community know if you plan to attend. Thankyou.

14th January – Mother Juliet Straw
18th February – Rev Bill Stillwell
11th March – Fr Phillip Amey
1st April – Rev Dawn Banting
13th May – Canon Jeffrey Bell
17th June – Sr Joanna Elizabeth SSB
8th July – Miss Angela O’Donoghue
16th September – Rev Rona Stuart-Bourne
7th October – Rev Carol Gully
18th November – Sr Mary Joy SSB
9th December – Fr Paul Armstead

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